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What to do in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia makes speak by its fairy chimneys, it is true. But it conceals many other treasures. Between underground cities and hidden churches, here is a little tour of the owner.


The earliest

The attraction is well known. And therefore, inevitably, well run. However, it remains unavoidable. Every morning, wind permitting, several dozen hot air balloons take off from around Göreme at dawn. The spectacle at sunrise is breathtaking!  Take a little height on the surrounding hills to make the most of it. A word of advice, don't wait until the last day of your stay in Cappadocia car  you would be very disappointed if the hot air balloons didn't take off that day when your plane wouldn't be able to take it two time.

The most scary

They are several in Cappadocia. More or less deep, many underground cities are open to the public (Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are the best known). It is therefore possible to explore with or without a guide these networks set up by persecuted Christians several centuries ago. Claustrophobic or not, the descent through the corridors just wide enough for you  will give you chills.

The most classic

The path is almost obligatory if time is short for you. The Goreme Open Air Museum packs several typical Cappadocian formations into a small space and allows you to get a brief glimpse of the area while stomping around amid crowds of tourists. With a slightly more airy density, the touristic citadel of Uchisar offers a panorama of the whole region. If you are really short on time, we advise you to skip the citadel and instead venture into the nearby Vallée Blanche!

The most hike

Prepare your calves! Cappadocia promises you several more or less physical walks. Given the number of valleys to explore on foot from Göreme, you can easily lose yourself for several days hiking in the middle of the fairy chimneys. Since you have to choose, among our favorites we recommend the White, Rose and Red valleys.

the most loyal

Pilgrims will enjoy the expedition. Finally, whatever your faith, you will be right to make the trip. 60 kilometers south of Göreme, the Soganli Valley contains eight churches hidden in the troglodyte scenery of the region. Take a few hours to stroll around this small village and admire the frescoes unfortunately deteriorated by some impious people.


On the return to Göreme, take the superb road towards Mustafapasa. Extend your pilgrimage to the mosque of Taskinpasa and the monastery of Keslik (with the very good visit of its multilingual guide). Amen.


The sunniest

The spots are numerous. Above the Devrent valley, towards Pashabagi or even at the level of the Turkish flag dominating the Rose and Red valleys. Every day have fun watching the sunset from a new location around Göreme. You will discover the famous fairy chimneys and the valleys of the region with a new light. Before heading to bed to be in shape for the sunrise and its countless hot air balloons.

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