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Twelve views of the world

in a few words

Douze regards du monde was born in February 2017, after a trip to Cambodia. Back in France, we thought we were going to go on a world tour. It was a first point, rather important. But we didn't want to go alone. So we decided to create Twelve (like the number of countries on the program) views of the world to share our encounters and our discoveries with as many people as possible.

How ? On video, it's always easier to explain.

To reach as many people as possible, we therefore decided to mainly make videos on social networks. With several main formats to be found on our Facebook page: Pass your relay, Back to school, Snapweek or even 90".

pass your relay

Our video format "Pass your relay" is surely the best ambassador of DRDM. The principle is simple: in each country we discuss with people we meet on our way to discover a little piece of their life. At the end of our exchanges, we ask them to participate in "Pass your relay": receive an object from our previous meeting to give a new one and continue sharing!

A trip in your satchel

To ensure sharing, DRDM also has its young ambassadors! Before leaving, in October 2017, we launched a partnership with two classes of CE1 and CM1-CM2 in the Yvelines. Throughout the year, the children worked on the different countries visited, we chatted on Skype and they even wrote a story about the DRDM mascot, Leyla Miaou!

On Facebook, this partnership took shape with "Back to school". The purpose of this format: to give a drawing of one of the students distributed before we left  to someone we meet, who then answers several questions about their country ( Who is your head of state?, What is your currency?, What languages are spoken in your country?).

The following...

Peluche élephant Afrique du Sud

Leyla Miaou at Kruger Park (South Africa)

After several months of travel, we have prolongé un peu plus l'aventure. On this site this time, just to share our tips and tricks. And, above all, to be able to obtain yours. So that DRDM continues to be a platform for meeting, discovery and sharing.

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