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How to get to Kaçkar Mountains from Trabzon? 

To reach the valleys near the Kaçkar Mountains from Trabzon, it takes a good half-day. And a few bus changes to get to your destination. 

First stop: Pazar or Ardesen

From the Otogar of Trabzon, buses leave in the direction of Hopa and stop at Pazar or Ardesen, towns of transition to the Kaçkar. Indicate your intention to join Ayder so that the driver drops you off at the right place. For 18 Turkish liras, the bus will drop you off at Pazar, after about 2 hours of travel.

Second stage: direction Ayder

From Pazar, ride one of the dolmuches towards Camlihemsin and Ayder. For 13 Turkish liras, the transport will take you to this second destination in about 1h30. It is possible to start your hike from Ayder, which has become very touristy, but we advise you to extend the transport to Kavrun.


Terminal: Kavrun

Once you arrive in Ayder, the dolmuche will tell you which transport to take to cover the 10 kilometers separating you from Kavrun, the starting point of your hike. It will cost you 15 Turkish liras and about 30 minutes ride. You can now attack the hike or pitch your tent for free in Kavrun.

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