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Which bank to choose for a

world Tour ?

To avoid bank charges and still have good insurance, we left with two different cards for our world tour.

MasterCard Black at N26

The best solution to dodge fees. N26 offers a MasterCard Black (at the top insurance level) for €5.90 per month. This will be your only additional expense. Because on-site payments by credit card are made at the real rate and the bank does not charge you anything on withdrawals. The only fees may possibly come from the local bank you are making your withdrawal with.

Visa Ultim at Boursorama

Boursorama serves as our spare tire. But as sometimes some banks, agencies or businesses refuse MasterCard cards, we wanted to make sure we had an alternative. We therefore took Boursorama's Visa Ultim (conditionally but free and without account maintenance fees) to have the best insurance in all cases. It also allows you to benefit from total free payment on payments outside the euro zone and withdrawals made in foreign currencies.

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