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Which route for the ascent of Mount Kaçkar?

From Kavrun, the ascent of Mount Kaçkar (3,937m) can be achieved in two days via the village of Olgunlar. With more or less stages on the course.

Dilberduzu campsite

Dilberdüzü - mount Kaçkar: until the last breath

The ascent of Mount Kaçkar is divided into two parts. Leaving from the Dilberdüzü camp, the first stage consists of reaching Lake Deniz, 2kms further on, with 500m of elevation gain on the menu. Once a short rest granted to the lake, the walk continues. On the program a very slight descent then a gradual ascent to Mount Kaçkar, with the last 500 strong meters. 3kms and 500m of elevation gain, that's the summit!


The view will stun you for a while at the top...until the gusts of wind bring you back down. For the way back, the route is the same. With the possibility of adding hiking stages around Olgunlar, towards Yaylalar in particular, or around Lake Büyük Deniz for example.

Kavrun - Olgunlar: 13kms in yoyo mode

Timing will depend on walking pace. Because the elevations are quite steep. From Kavrun, the walk to Olgunlar is divided into a 6km climb with 900m of positive elevation gain then a 7km descent with 1,100m of negative elevation gain. It is possible to camp on the way, at the campsite of Düpedüzü  or at the village of Dybe.

Olgunlar - Dilberdüzü : the 10% ascent

To get a little ahead, it is also possible to extend the day to the Dilberdüzü campsite. On the program, 7.5kms with 750m of elevation gain. And a well-deserved rest before attacking the ascent of Mount Kaçkar the next morning.

Why start with Kavrun?

From Trabzon, it is easier to reach Ayder or Kavrun by bus or dolmuche. Transport can also reach Yusufeli (south face of Kaçkar) but, due to the recent construction of a dam, access to hikes from this town is made more complicated. Moreover, in August 2018, the village of Kavrun was much less frequented than Ayder. It was therefore much more pleasant to start the hike there for the ascent of Mount Kaçkar.

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