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To simplify your life, here is our technical sheet! You can find a tailor-made itinerary, information on the cost of living and our housing, food and transportation to save money.


Our itinerary

Itinéraire Laos

Our organization​

21 days (April)

19€ per day

Travel by bus

guest house

Restaurants and local markets

Days 1-3:Don Som, out of the 4,000 islands (Don Det and Don Khon)

Day 4 : Pakse

Days 5-7 : Bolaven loop

Day 8 : Thakhek

Days 9-11:loop of Thakhek

Days 12-13 :Vang Vieng

Days 14-17:Luang Prabang(walks in the city and Kuang Si waterfall)

Day 18 : transport to Muang Ngoi

Days 19-21 :Muang Ngoi(hikes...) then departure to Vietnam

Our favorite

Laos in 90"

Our finances


& various








In total, we spent €400 during our stay in Laos. In detail, this gives: €37 for activities and miscellaneous, €99 for accommodation, €116 for transport and €148 for food. 

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The little tricks of DRDM

Skip Vang Vieng! A hyper-tourist destination, this town has very little charm. And if its landscapes are worth a look, they do not equal not those of the Thakhek loop. So take more time for this one.

Laos is a very chill country. So, on the transport side, don't rush. If you take buses during the day, plan a whole day because some transport can sometimes take 11 hours to travel 300 km. Just that !

To complete the adventure in Laos

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