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What itinerary for a week on the Black Sea coast?

Leaving Istanbul, we headed to the Black Sea coast for a short week. With some beautiful sunsets and a picnic in a very nice cove.

From Istanbul to Amasra: Safranbolu, Yörük Köyü and sunset at Boztepe

The road is not really worth stopping right away. But the skyscrapers around Istanbul are gradually giving way to the dense forest around the Black Sea coast. There, we make a first stop. In the city of Karabük, a few kilometers from the charming Safranbolu and its Ottoman houses and the (slightly) less touristy village of Yörük Köyü. On the menu, Turkish delights and gozlemes. 


The city of Amasra awaits us. About two hours away, this small coastal port will serve as a starting point for our road trip on the Black Sea. A swim in the beach of the small port and a sunset in Boztepe, at the end of the city, justify stopping there for more than a day.

View of Amasra from Boztepe
Port of Gideros

From Amasra to Sinop: Picnic at Gideros and Swimming at Kapisuyu

The decor is sublime. The switchbacks along the Black Sea between Amasra and Sinop  offer a magnificent route. With some equally tasty stops. First step, a swim in the clear waters of Kapisuyu beach. Without anyone ! Take your time, not sure you'll find a beach like that until Sinop.


It's lunch break time. Head to the tiny port of Gideros. You can plan your picnic or have lunch in the restaurant by the water. Just to make the most of this soothing cove. Before heading back to Sinop. 

Kastamonu, intermediate stage

In the middle of the journey, at Inebolu, we headed for the pretty town of Kastamonu to spend the night there and visit the wooden mosque of Kasaba the next day. We recommend this little hook, but you can just as easily head for Sinop. This is where our journey on the Black Sea ended.Direction Cappadocia.

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