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To simplify your life, here is our technical sheet! You can find a tailor-made itinerary, information on the cost of living and our housing, food and transportation to save money.

Our itinerary

Itinéraire Brésil 4 semaines

Our organization​

27 days (December)

46€ per day

Travel by bus and plane

Booking & Airbnb

Small restaurants

Days 1-2 :Sao Paulo, historic center and Vila Madalena

Day 3:Paraty

Days 4-7 : Rio de Janeiro, sugar loaf, Ipanema, samba bar in the Santa Teresa neighborhood

Day 8 :salvador, small acarajé on the port

Days 9-12:Chapada Diamantina, accommodation_at Lençóis

Days 13-14:salvador, carnival in the cidade baixa

Days 15-17: stop at Curitiba  then visit of Morretes

Days 18-21 :Florianopolis, hikes, beaches, hikes...

Days 22-24 : Iguaçu Falls Brazilian side(Foz do Iguacu)then Argentinian(Puerto Iguazu)

Days 25-27:Campo Grande, for departure to Bolivia

Our favorite

Brazil in 90"


& various








Our finances

In total, we spent €1,255 during our stay in Brazil. In detail, this gives: €179 for activities and miscellaneous, €221 for accommodation, €329 for food and €526 for transport.

Logo Douze regards du monde

The little trick of DRDM

Clearly, we loved Brazil. But, clearly, we were on fire! In less than a month in the country, our program was too dense. Our "little" trip to Salvador was really worth it, but a visit to Minas Gerais, closer to Rio and São Paulo, would have relieved our wallet (merci le budget transport...).

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