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How much should you budget for a tour

of the world for a year?

Before leaving, we planned our budget a bit thanks to the many advice from specialized sites. In average backpacker mode, we start with €18,500 for one year (plane tickets included). Here are some details.

Plane tickets: €4,100

Gear (digital, backpack, camping): €800

Visas: 300€

Vaccines: 350€

Insurance: 450€

Preparation: €1,900

Passing byZipWorld, our round-the-world ticket for 7 flights cost us €3,100. Moreover, by adding other flights along the way, we had a total of 1,000€.

Expenses on site: €12,500

Total :


This part depends on your itinerary. In our journey, we alternated countries with a low cost of living (Bolivia, Peru, Laos, Vietnam) and countries with a high cost of living (Brazil, New Zealand), favoring the former. To plan this part,the planning site in the opposite directionis a very good indicator of the local cost of living. 

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