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What to do in Sajama?

A few hours by car from La Paz, Sajama offers an incredible setting. At the foot of a summit of more than 6,000m, this village is above all a real haven of peace.


Mystical decor and alpacas

2 hours from the village, it is possible to observe many active geysers. Surrounded by mountains and alpacas, the visitor finds himself in a mystified setting with Mount Sajama in the background. 100% natural. Calm and harmony with the environment are at the rendezvous.

A small supplement for the thermal waters

In case of cold, do not panic. Also 2 hours away, the thermal waters will warm you up. Posted in front of the mount in Sajama, they also offer a superb landscape. To take advantage of it, you will still have to pay 30 bolivianos. A luxury. Or a trifle, finally, after having already paid the entrance ticket for the Sajama National Park.

The watchtower to end

Finally, before leaving Sajama, a passage through the watchtower is essential. Very steep, the ascent takes an hour. History to avoid a small “soroche”. At the top, the cramps disappear and give way to a magnificent panorama of the surroundings. A beautiful way to complete this enchanted parenthesis.

The menu offered at Sajama is dense. And there's something for everyone. Geysers, lagoons, thermal waters, summit over 6,000m. All just a few kilometers from the small mountain village.

Highest peak in Bolivia

The main tourist attraction for Sajama lies in the ascent of the eponymous mountain. The highest point in Bolivia, the summit is accessible in a few days, with a guide and after several days of acclimatization. But lovers of the dish will therefore also be satisfied.

A few minutes from Sajama, your collectivo will stop to ensure that tourists pay their entrance ticket to Sajama National Park. To access it, no way to negotiate, you have to pay 100 bolivianos. A little expensive for the country. But it is really worth it and, to fully enjoy it, we advise you to spend at least 3 or 4 days in Sajama.

How much does it cost ?

Where to stay?

Very professional and attentive, Mario and Ana will welcome you to the “Mariana” posada. For 30 bolis per person per night, you will have access to a nice single room in a small house containing toilets and shower (cold when we passed). 


The couple also offers a large breakfast in Chocapic  mode and bread with jam (for 10 bolis per person) as well as full meals (15 bolis per person for lunch and an additional 15 for dinner ). Rather useful because Sajama does not really have a supermarket. We also advise you to plan a few races in advance, in La Paz or Patacamaya.


Moreover, with Mario you can climb Mount Sajama (1500 bolivianos for a group of 5 people maximum).

To contact them on WhatsApp : Mario Perez +591 73 72 79 56, Ana Mollo_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136+5cf587_bad

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