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How to get to Sajama

To get to Sajama, you will necessarily have to stop at Patacamaya. Unless you come from Chile, and you like to walk.

Geyser Sajama

Sajama, when you come from Chile

Another option remains possible. If you want to avoid a transfer, and save the price of a collectivo, you can take a bus from La Paz to Arica in Chile (the same transfer is possible in the other direction). Inform the driver of your intention to get off at Sajama. It will leave you about ten kilometers from the village. The rest will be hitchhiking or walking according to your desires.

A single collectivo for the return

To leave Sajama, get ahead. And be ready to run. A single collectivo leaves every morning at 6 a.m., in the direction of Patacamaya, for 30 bolis per person. But the number of passengers far exceeds the number of seats. So get ready to go on a Bolivian race: a bit every man for himself. But don't worry, they don't let anyone on the dock. Well, normally.

In Patacamaya, collectivos or collective taxis (12 bolivianos) will then drop you off at El Alto. It is also possible to get to Oruro from Patacamaya.

Sajama is (really) worth a visit. The journeys leading to this mountain village take quite a few shortcuts. Whether you come from La Paz or Oruro, you will have to stop at Patacamaya, halfway between the two cities. To do this, take a bus on the Oruro-La Paz line (or in the other direction) and clearly indicate to the driver your intention to get off at Patacamaya.

Arrive before noon in Patacamaya

Once left by the side of the road (maps.meis your best friend), you will have to join the main artery of the city to catch a collectivo in the direction of Sajama. Once full, it will get you there in about 3 hours, for 30 bolis per person. To avoid any possible collectivo misses, be sure to leave in the morning from La Paz or Oruro in order to be in Patacamaya before noon.

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