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How to eat in La Paz

After several weeks spent tasting Bolivian dishes, a culinary stop at SwissFondue, in La Paz, will do you the greatest good.

The landscapes of Bolivia are sumptuous. Its inhabitants form a very endearing people. But their cuisine can sometimes frustrate the tourist who loves good food. If it causes an instant return to childhood, the salchipapa actually has a hard time convincing with its refinement.

In Sopocachi, the scene is set

Comfort is surely to be found in La Paz. In the chic district of Sopocachi, you cannot miss the sign. A wooden storefront, a red flag with a white cross and an evocative name: Swissfondue. The decor is set, tonight we enjoy.

Around 20€ per evening

A fondue, a bottle of wine and a chocolate fondue later, it's time for reconciliation (it takes about twenty euros all the same). A tasting like an express return to the European winter. To better face future milanesas de pollo.

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