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How to get to Torotoro

To enjoy the superb landscapes of Torotoro National Park, you will necessarily have to go through Cochabamba. And then go to the starting point of the collectivos, not really nearby.

Photo de Torotoro

The journey is quite short. Fifteen minutes, twenty at most. But it can be complicated, especially if Bolivians are reluctant to help you. From the Cochabamba bus terminal, you must first go to Avenida Barrientos to go down it in a southerly direction. A short kilometer further on, at the intersection with Avenida 6 de Agosto, take the “Valle grande” on your left.

Cochabamba-Torotoro: 5h trip, 35 bolis

Two intersections further, at Avenida República, you have arrived ( will give you a hand on this one). The collectivos then wait to fill up before heading to Torotoro. The trip takes about 5 hours and costs 35 bolivianos. To make sure you get on a collectivo, plan to arrive at the intersection in the morning.


When you leave Torotoro, same approach. The collectivos leave as soon as they are full. They are located at the top of the village, at the street level of the market and... the only wifi terminal in Torotoro. No way to get lost.

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