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Zhangjiajie Park: which itinerary for 1, 2 or 4 days?

From the simple Avatar fan to lovers of longer hikes, Zhangjiajie Park will satisfy everyone. Ideally, we still advise you to spend 4 days there to really enjoy its landscapes and its atmosphere.

Parc Zhangjiajie - Douze regards du monde

2 days: Avatar, but not only

In two days, two options are possible. Cut the program described in the option " 1 jour " in two. With, in this case, the opportunity to do both sites on the same day (which gives you a second chance if ever the sun is not there). The other possibility is to complete the program " 1 day " on your first day and then visit other parts._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


The view from “ One step to Heaven ”, in the Yuangjiajie loop, combines a good physical effort and a partial isolation of the tourists massed on the two main attractions of the park. In the same day, it is possible to then go to the Daguangdai loop, not really popular with tourists, where the landscapes are drier than elsewhere in the park.

Parc Zhangjiajie - Douze regards du monde

1 day: Avatar option

Everything is allowed. Thanks to the very good transport network inside the park, it is possible to visit the two main attractions in a single day. From Wulingyuan, take the shuttle bus to stop at “ Water Winding Four Gates ”. In two hours, between walking “ Golden whip stream ”  and the stairs of Luancuan slope, you will reach the most known (Avatar Spot). Enjoy the karst peaks for a while and then weave your way through all the tourists to pick up a bus heading to Tianzi Mountain.


The time to explore the place, in a setting very different from the previous one, more sparse but with more perspective, the big needle will have turned twice. After this busy day, you can go down the stairs and then pick up the shuttle to Wulingyuan (or take the paying cable car) at the station “ Ten mile Natural Gallery_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_”. Time to look at your photos and, surely, to finally want to extend the stay.

Parc Zhangjiajie - Douze regards du monde

4 days: " I paid for my ticket, I can tell you that I will make it profitable "

The price of the ticket is invariable. Whether you spend 1, 2, 3 or 4 days in Zhangjiajie Park. So you might as well take advantage of your stay to try to venture into all the sections open to the public. For a good spread, spend the first day on the Yuanjiajie sector. Take your time to observe the very changing sky of the park.


The next day, it is possible to couple the less touristy sectors of Daguangdai and Laowuchang with Yuangjiajie (with a "g" this time). A busy program with well-diversified landscapes. A kind of warm-up before the magnificent landscapes of Tianzi Mountain on day 3. At least as busy as Yuanjiajie, this portion gives even more perspective in the middle of these impressive karst peaks.


After 3 days of walking around the park, the thighs are starting to heat up. The climb to Huangshi Village will therefore suffice for the program of your last day. Once this part is completed, the park will have nothing to hide from you. And you can even end your day quietly with a last visit to Yuanjiajie. To start your last descent towards the “Golden Whip Stream ” and its famous monkeys.


Day 1 :Yuanjiajie

Day 2:Daguangdai, Laowuchang and Yuangjiajie

Day 3:Tianzi Mountain

Day 4:Huangshi Village (with Yuanjiajie bonus if possible)

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