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Great Wall of China: 4-Day Itinerary

Combining restored and wilder sections, the Great Wall of China allows you to organize different routes from Beijing. In 4 days, it is possible to go from section to section with a well diversified program between Jinshanling, Gubeikou and Jiankou.

Grande muraille de Chine Jinshanling

Overnight in Huairou

After this good day of hiking, do not linger in Gubeikou. Take bus 25 towards Huairou, where you can spend the night. The Super 8 Hotel is one of the few to accept non-Chinese guests. A double room cost 216 yuan in June 2018.

D2: from Huairou to Jiankou

Around 11am, take the H25 bus towards Xizhazi (it only runs twice a day according to Lonely). The terminus is located at the end of the village of Xizhazi, the perfect entry point for hikes on the Great Wall. Several hostels offer accommodation and catering.

D2: " stairways of paradise " and sunset

Once you have dropped off your luggage, head over the Jiankou Wall (officially closed to the public) via the bridge located 200 m from the bus terminus. In a marvelous setting, walk west to the "  stairs of paradise " for a bit of exercise. Then extend a few turns furtherfor a beautiful sunset. For the return, it is possible to reach the village of Xizhazi by going down the "  stairs of paradise ".

Xizhazi - "Stairs of paradise: 1h30 walk

Grande muraille de Chine Jiankou

D4: from Jiankou to Mutianyu

On the last day, leave Jiankou early enough to reach the Mutianyu portion. The degrees of incline are pretty tough on this section, until you reach the “Corne de boeuf ”. The continuation takes the form of a long descent to the section of Mutianyu, where it seems complicated to dodge the payment of the entry ticket (40 yuans).


At tower 10, you can go down to the village of Mutianyu where a minibus can take you to Huairou, the last stop before Beijing. A last trip on the 916 bus will complete these 4 magnificent days on the Wall.

Jiankou - Pointed North Tour: 1h

Sharp North Tower - Ox Horn: 20 minutes

Ox horn - Round 10: 1h

D1: start at Jinshanling East

Badaling, Mutianyu, and now Simatai. It will be no. For 4 days of hiking on the Great Wall of China, these three restored and "Disneylandized" sections are to be avoided. The entry point can be at Jinshanling, where you will have to arrive the day before. The next day, the hike starts at Jinshanling East Gate (65 yuan). Be sure to walk around to the two easternmost towers. Unrestored, they overlook the Simatai wall in a magnificent setting. Unfortunately, a guard posted in the corner will forbid you to go further.

D1: from Jinshanling to Gubeikou 

Do not delay too much on the restored parts. Around the Jinshanling wall, the landscapes are magnificent but you will quickly have to slalom between the tourists disembarking from the cable car. So continue your walk on the Wall towards the West. A 5-6 hour walk awaits you to Gubeikou. You will surely be alone, walking along the wall on a section surrounding a military camp, strolling on the " dragon enroulé " and noticing the change in the surrounding landscape , very green then very dry.

Jinshanling - Gubeikou : 5-6h walk

Grande muraille de Chine Jinshanling

J3 : de « l'aigle prenant son envol » à « Beijing Knot »

For this whole day on the Great Wall,  will be your best friend. In the early morning, do the reverse of the way back from the day before. Once at " escalators of paradise ", continue your discovery to the West via " l'aigle nid 915cc78 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_”. On these partly restored portions of the Wall, it will sometimes be necessary to leave the building to walk along it for several tens of meters. This somewhat physical hike can end at “ Beijing Knot ”, dominating the surroundings and once again offering a splendid view.


If time permits, you have two options. Prolonger de « Beijing Knot » jusqu'à « la Tour aux neuf yeux » ou alors walk the short section from your entry point on the Wall on day 1 to the point called “ Jiankou ” on, a kind of notch wedged between two vertiginous staircases.

« Escaliers du paradis » - « Beijing Knot » : 1h15

Jiankou - 38 pedaling: 45 minutes

Little tricks

- On the hike between Jinshanling and Gubeikou, the most beautiful landscapes are on the side of Jinshanling (even if everything is a matter of taste). If you find a way to reach Huairou as easily from Jinshanling as from Gubeikou, we would therefore advise you to reverse the first part of the hike. A good way, in addition, to end up with the two superb towers more “ authentiques” towards Simatai West.


- It may seem obvious but we really saw the difference, try if possible to hike on the Wall during the week!  You will really feel like you have it all to yourself.

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