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Hunan: everything you need to know about Zhangjiajie Park

A popular destination for the Chinese, immense natural scenery on two floors, the Zhangjiajie National Park (Hunan) and its karst peaks that inspired Avatar can be complex to grasp. Unless you read on.

Parc de Zhangjiaje

Where to stay?

In order to avoid the daily round trip between the city of Zhangjiajie and the park, the solution is called Wulingyuan. Located at the entrance to the park, this town has many hostels (100 yuan for two a night if you negotiate) and allows you to show up when the park opens without getting too stressed.

How long to spend there?

The pass is valid for 4 days and the park has enough beautiful scenery to keep you busy all that time. We also advise you to spend 4 days there. But if your itinerary in China is a bit tight, 2 or 3 days will already allow you to fully enjoy the park.

How to reach Zhangjiajie Park?

Buses depart very frequently from Zhangjiajie City Central Station. The ticket costs 21 yuan for a trip of about an hour before reaching the park.

Where to buy your entry ticket? How much does it cost ? How long is it valid?

The ticket can be bought at... the entrance to the park, quite simply. When we visited, it was necessarily activated at the time of purchase. By buying it the day before for the next day, you therefore lose one day of access. The ticket costs 246.5 yuan and gives you access to the park for 4 days. 

How to move in the park?

The entrance ticket includes bus transport. You will therefore have nothing to pay extra (unless you test the favorite toys of Chinese tourists, elevator and cable car on the menu).


The park is huge and divided into two sections. A low section and a high section. Strictly distinct. In each of them, the bus network allows you to reach each attraction quite easily. But the two sections are not connected by public transport (except lift and paid cable car of course). It is therefore necessary to take the stairs to go up and down from one section to another.

How to locate?

Carte parc zhangjiaje
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