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How to get from Yangshuo to Zhangjiajie

Going from the sugar loaves of Yangshuo (Guangxi) to the mysterious karst peaks of Zhangjiajie (Hunan) looks like a small challenge. But hopefully it won't take you more than a day. 

The route starts at Yangshuo North Terminal. Buses leave very frequently to Guilin for a journey of about 1h30. Once on the bus, you have to be a little zealous with the driver to tell him your stop. You want to get off at Guilin South Station (“ Guilin Train Station ” on From here, several trains leave for Changsha. With a bit of luck, there should be places left for a train in the early afternoon. 

This magnificent day of transport in China will cost you 350 yuan all inclusive.


The bus between Yangshuo and Guilin costs 35 yuan, the high-speed train between Guilin and Changsha will cost you 180.5 yuan, and the last transport of the day, the bus between Changsha and Zhangjiajie, costs 134.5 yuan.

How much does it cost ?

In Zhangjiajie at the end of the day

If you're sitting on the train, the hardest part is done. In 3h30 (in express format), it will take you to Changsha South Station. Luckily, buses to Zhangjiajie leave from this same terminal. You will then have 4 to 5 hours left (depending on the motivation of the driver) to reach your destination and finish this long day of transport.


Once there, you can easily find a hostel in the area, with plenty of touts doing their rounds (hard to bargain lower than 100 yuan for two). Staying in the area is also rather a good plan because you will be right next to the terminal from where the buses leave for Zhangjiajie National Park.

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