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What to do in Bundi?

Not very popular stage in Rajasthan, Bundi has many beauties to discover. On the program, an abandoned fort, magnificent reservoirs and a bit of chill on the terrace.

Puit de Bundi
Nagar Sagar Kund, in the middle of town

Cenotaph, lake and reservoirs

The old town serves as a peaceful retreat.away from the noise, in the middle of the cows, laughing to the rhythm of the monkey races on the roofs. However, a small tour in the new city offers other discoveries. A combo ticket (500 rupees in October 2018) includes entrance to Rani Ji Ki Baori Reservoir and its impressive gate, Kipling's Palace by Jait Sagar Lake, and the 84-pillar cenotaph. On the way, the twin wells of Nagar Sagar Kund (free) constitute a very nice stop even if the waste spoils the beauty of the place.

Rooftops, sunsets and reggae

Light is its best asset. At sunset, the roofs of Bundi reflect their most beautiful brilliance. And it's time to taste thalis, aloo gobi or sweet lassis. To enjoy it, the city offers many rooftops on which to spend a few hours in the evening. According to our totally subjective experience, the superb welcome of the Guddu family, at the Guddu Palace, and their reggae playlist are number one for chill evenings in Bundi.

Plan wide for the palate

It overlooks the city. From some high windows, the view over the blue roofs of Bundi is splendid. Even more at sunset. The old Bundi Palace, unoccupied and not really maintained, strikes with its raw beauty. Upon entering through the huge door, the visitor is immersed in an atmosphere combining nature and history. And the walk can last for hours getting lost in the halls of the palace.

Don't miss the abandoned tanks

The discoveries continue higher. In the Chitrasala mural gallery first. Then in the strong Taragarh. Abandoned, these ruins leave room for the imagination. Wandering among the crumbling walls, gain height for a panorama of the magnificent Bundi. Above all, push your visit to the water reservoirs. In the middle of the trees, the well is completely natural. Savage. The contrast is striking with those located in the city, filled with waste.

Palais de Bundi
View of Bundi Palace from Taragarh Fort

Can we enter Chitrasala for free?

The subject irritates everyone. In Bundi, two versions oppose each other. In the center, the Chitrasala. A pretty gallery of turquoise murals bordered by a garden. The place is public. And free. Well, it's not that simple. Because the monument is wedged between the palace of Bundi and the strong Taragarh, deprived. And paying.


Former properties of the Maharaja, these two buildings were open to the public until his death. But his nephew, the only heir, decided to charge admission... even to the inhabitants of Bundi. No more cricket games on the fort for the local kids. And hello confusion. Because today, a sign posted at the entrance to Bundi Palace reads “ Chitrasala, free entry ”.


Certainly, but as you must first enter the palace, it is impossible to avoid payment. So you can then enter the Chitrasala for free. But only after paying. You understood ?

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