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Where to sleep in Jaisalmer?

Right in the center of the Jaisalmer fort, Teju and its Temple view hostel offer a great rooftop view of the city. And for very affordable prices.

We liked it so we did a little advertising. On the end of our trip to Rajasthan, we spent 4 nights in Teju's hostel, Hotel Temple View, in Jaisalmer. You can sleep there for quite cheap depending on the comfort you are looking for. We got 400 rupees for two for 4 nights in a room with private bathroom.

Nice view and good prices

Once you have put your bags in your room, go up to the second floor. A super pleasant rooftop awaits you with a view of the Jain temple and sunset on the horizon. Regarding its menu, Teju offers quite affordable prices compared to its rooftop neighbors (thali at 100 rupees against 150 elsewhere). Although, of course, you will eat for less in the streets outside the fort.


Desert option available

We felt so good on this rooftop that we didn't move from there. But Teju offers desert tours at fair market entry prices (1200 rupees per person for one night with all meals included). To be discussed around a chai on the rooftop of course.

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