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Why stop in Florianopolis?

Flanked between the state of Rio and the south of Brazil, the peninsula of Florianópolis offers a paradisiacal nature. We therefore recommend that you spend 3-4 days there.

The choice was a bit arbitrary. Arriving in Florianópolis, we set up our base camp next to the huge Praia do Campeche. It turned out to be quite nice for hiking. Or for a simple stroll on this endless white sand beach.

For hiking lovers

A few kilometers to the south, it is easy to reach Praia do Matadeiro, in Armação. It then left for a hike of a few hours along the Atlantic coast, in the middle of the vegetation or facing the wind. Very accessible, this walk will take you to the peaceful praia da Lagoinha Leste and its lagoon, offering you superb viewpoints along the way. You can then quietly enjoy the isolation of this little corner of paradise for a picnic or a simple dip session. A must in Florianópolis in our opinion.

Dunes and... caipis 

Further north, the Lagoa do Conceição also offers some hiking trails. Right in the middle of the locals' homes. With a return by ferry possible to the city of the same name if necessary. Not that far, you can also walk on the dunes of Joaquina. But don't leave Lagoa do Conceição without spending a great evening there with caïpi by the water!

Plage de Florianopolis

For the few trips to be made on the peninsula, we opted for Uber. You shouldn't be in a hurry because there are relatively few, but we were able to get around easily thanks to that.

How to get around in Florianopolis

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