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Iguaçu Falls: Argentinian or Brazilian side, which is better?

To fully appreciate the Iguaçu Falls, going to the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side can be worth it. But if time is running out for you, you will have to choose. And we can help you!

​Les chutes d'Iguaçu vues du Brésil.

They follow one another. Endless, grandiose, fascinating. At the time of contemplating them, trying to count the falls in Iguaçu is a puzzle as they captivate your gaze.

Start with Brazil then go to Argentina

To take full advantage of this magnificent natural spectacle, no doubt, you have to see them from two sides. In Brazil, first, because the access is less natural and the waterfalls slightly further away. In Argentina, then, because we wander through the trees, discovering little by little this majestic nature.

​ The Iguaçu Falls seen from Brazil.

Jean Dujardin is not enough

The show takes time. And if your program requires doing only one side, go to Argentina (even if, on the Brazilian side, you will replay the scene between OSS 117 and von Zimmel). The walk is longer and better organized in Iguaçu National Park. You will therefore not have the impression of stepping on other tourists, as can be the case in Brazil.

Also, the different routes planned for walking around the falls increase in intensity.  With the first, you will see the falls from below before gradually gaining height on the other paths. Until dominating the falls and obtaining a grandiose point of view.

​Les chutes d'Iguaçu vues d'Argentine.

​ The Iguaçu Falls seen from Argentina.

How to get to the falls?

From Foz do Iguaçu, in Brazil, buses leave regularly from the international terminal to go to the falls but also to Puerto Iguazú, in Argentina. From here, you can also easily go to Iguaçu National Park to appreciate the falls, on the Argentinian side this time.

Once on board the Foz do Iguaçu-Puerto Iguazú line (from land terminals), watch for the border. Because, on our side, we missed the exit from Brazil since the locals did not come down. It was not a problem because we were returning the next day to Brazilian territory. But if you go to Argentina without returning, be sure to stamp your exit from Brazil.

Moreover, if in both directions the passage through immigration is done quickly, it nevertheless happens that the bus leaves without you. So keep your transport ticket, it will allow you to board the next bus from the same company without having to pay.

How to cross the border between Argentina and Brazil?

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