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How and where to cross the border

Brazil – Bolivia

When heading to Bolivia, we opted for the Corumba border post in Brazil. Only one recommendation: be patient.

Photo passeport

The first contact is, shall we say, amazing. After a fabulous month in Brazil, the “welcome” of the Bolivians is in fact slightly less warm. At the Corumba-Puerto Quijarro border post on December 23, the instructions are clear: take your time and above all do not count on any solidarity of circumstances. Eh oui, it's time to discover the legendary friendliness of the Bolivians.

Watch out for rushed taxis

On the paper side, everything is going smoothly. Be careful when leaving Brazil, taxis offering to take you immediately to Bolivia. Otherwise, you may have to return to the border. On the Bolivian side, we are granted 30 days of stay and given us the small proof of immigration to keep preciously until leaving the country.

Easy to file at Santa Cruz

On the financial side, the taxi between the land terminal of Corumba to the border post benefits from its monopoly position: 75 reais per trip (~20€)! Once at immigration control, get your passport stamped and you are in Puerto Quijarro. If you need a taxi right away,  it will cost you 10 bolivianos (~2.5€). The wallet will appreciate. Depending on your route, buses, collectivos and trains depart regularly from Puerto Quijarro to Santa Cruz.

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