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Why go to Choquequirao?

In the shadow of Machu Picchu, the Choquequirao nevertheless has many advantages to one day compete with its mythical cousin. Between authenticity and economy for the wallet.

They stand in the middle of the clouds. At 3000m, intact, the ruins of Choquequirao reveal a piece of Inca history. All around, the summits are competing to go as high as possible. Below, the Apurimac river tries to make its way between the mountains. During this time, the tourist finds himself lost. Amazed by this magical setting.

Alone in the world

The impression is enjoyable. In this mystical setting, you are alone (or, at worst, you come across 4 or 5 other hikers). Alone with this mysterious Inca city, whose exact function we still do not know. Between the upper part and the lower part of the site, take your time. Either way, no one is going to rush you. You are alone. Very far from the hustle and bustle of a well-known neighboring Inca city.

Douze regards du monde - Choquequirao

Isolated, but not for long...

The mood could change. Much less popular with tourists than Machu Picchu, Choquequirao is nevertheless in the sights of the Peruvian government. The former president Kuczynski had even scouted there for a cable car project. The goal ? Increase the number of visitors from a few thousand per year to several hundred thousand. Quick, it's time to go!

The calves will be well rewarded

The walk could be discouraging. With its very high slopes, the “Choque” is indeed frightening. Ultimately, this trek is worth doing precisely because it challenges its trekkers. Above all, the Inca city found at the top and the panorama then offered to the eyes of the tourist largely reward this walk. Relief mixed with amazement.

The correct operation of the wallet

Prices have been rising lately... But nothing to panic about! Entry to Choquequirao still costs 60 soles (about 15 euros). Much less than the 150 you have to pay to enter Machu Picchu. The wallet will therefore quickly choose its side.

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