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How to get to Choquequirao

Before starting the walk towards Choquequirao, you have to reach the town of Cachora. Located on the route between Cusco and Abancay.

Pont sur le chemin du Choquequirao

Bridge on the way to Choquequirao

The first stop in Choquequirao is to take a bus towards Sayhuite. From Cusco, you can get a one-way ticket for 15 soles with the Bredde agency for example (departures around 6am and 10am). Take a Cusco-Abancay trip, which normally costs 20 soles, and specify that you want to stop at the crossroads in Sayhuite in order to pay 5S less.

40 soles per taxi ride

Once in Sayhuite, taxis will take you to Cachora, from where you can start the walk to Choquequirao. Another solution is to stay with Luisa, in Colmena. You will gain 3 kilometers on the “Choque” path and you can then spend the night in this inn before starting the walk the next day. Luisa can even reserve a driver for you and charge you 20 soles per person. The process is the same if you come from Abancay.

About 4 hours of travel

For the return to Cusco, Luisa can also book a taxi to take you to the crossroads. You will then have to wait for a bus and hope that it will let you on. Otherwise taxis can drop you off in Curahuasi for 5 soles, on the way to Cusco, where you will then find collectivos in the direction of Cusco (15S). In total, count about 4 hours (by being wide) for transport.

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