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What to do in Muang Ngoi?

A little further north of the Nam Ou than the popular Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoi is the starting point for hikes in the middle of small villages and offers superb viewpoints.

On the way to the local villages

The path is well marked. Leave Muang Ngoi and its guesthouses at the edge of the water to venture into the neighborhood. 6 kilometers from the village, it is possible to reach the villages of Huay Sen, Huay Bo and Ban Na in a few hours. Some inhabitants offer lodging for the night (for a few tens of thousands of kips) but we only feel half at ease in the middle of the life of this village... We therefore simply stop there to rehydrate before to leave to admire the landscapes. FYI, to get to these villages, you have to pay a right of way (which also includes the entrance to a cave) of 10,000 kips per person.

Vue de Muang Ngoi

A short paddle to Nong Khiaw

From a point of view, Nong Khiaw largely stands up to Muang Ngoi (and even surpasses it, according to the travelers you meet on the way...  we are counting on you to verify this). So embark on a kayak available in Muang Ngoi to descend the Nam Ou at your own pace and tackle the viewpoints of Nong Khiaw.

The Nam Ou seen from above

Muang Ngoi is bordered by the Nam Ou River. And, if the magnificent karst landscapes and the rice fields crossed on the way to the neighboring villages are not enough for you, you can extend the pleasure with a small viewpoint. Although steep but accessible (for 10,000 kips too), the viewpoint Phanoi  offers a pretty sight at sunset. Even plan some provisions for a short aperitif, it will end your walk of the day nicely.

Point of arrival from or departure to Vietnam, Muang Ngoi does not have any distributor. If you have a few dollars to change into kips, don't be fooled by the exorbitant rates of traders on the bank.


Go instead to the Gecko bar where the super nice manager will give you an (almost) real rate if you pay in dollars and a much better rate than his neighbors if you change.

When you only have dollars in Muang Ngoi...

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