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Why spend 3 days in Don Som?

To avoid the (too) well-known Don Det, Don Khong and Don Khon, Don Som is the perfect spot to spend three days on the 4,000 islands in southern Laos.

The island extends over a little over 10 kilometers. And yet, unlike its neighbors Don Det and Don Khong, only one guesthouse has made its mark. Run by the Lao-Dutch couple, Tanoi and Sander, the Don Som Riverside Guesthouse borders the Mekong. And its hammocks are a great way to watch the sunrise over this peaceful island.

In the middle of a Lao village

Placed in your bungalow, you can easily engage in discussion with your hosts, super friendly and very good cooks. They love to share Lao culture and will advise you  to take a tour of the island to meet the locals. Super welcoming and smiling, the latter could well invite you for a drink or two if they meet you on the way, between two happy “Sabaideee” of their children.

Want to go to Don Det? Everything is possible

The place is perfect for relaxation and the locals will make you want to enjoy it. But if you want to go to Don Det to take a look at the waterfalls and the dolphins on the Laos-Cambodia border, Tanoi and Sander rent bikes and scoots for the day... Just to be back in time for dinner at the edge of the Mekong!

From Pakse, take a tuk tuk to the km8 terminal to the south. You will then find songthaew for 40,000 kips per person towards the 4,000 islands. You have to ask if the driver stops at the Ban Khinak market.

From there you will have to walk 100m to a wooden bridge and then take a boat at 3,000 kips per person. By turning left at the exit of the boat, you will then find about 500m a sign indicating the guesthouse.

For more info, Tanoi and Sander will answer you in detail via their Facebook page!

How to get to Don Som from Pakse

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