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How and where to cross the Thailand-Laos border

In transit from Bangkok to Pakse, we crossed the border at Chong Mek (Thailand) and Vang Tao (Laos). With the possibility of making the “on arrival” visa on the Laos side.

Frontière Thaïlande - Laos

If you see this building, you are on the right track.

It's 6 o'clock in the morning. The immigration office in Chong Mek opens. In less than five minutes, we line up, give our “departure form” to an agent posted behind his window and then have our passport stamped to leave Thailand. He shows us the way to the Laotian immigration office.

The “on arrival” visa costs $31

Before getting there, you have to go through an underground tunnel of a few tens of meters (who knows why) then go about 100 meters further, to the immigration office. We fill out the “arrival form”, give $31 ($30 for the visa, 10,000 kips since the agents are on staggered schedules) and we wait quietly. Ten minutes later, we leave for Paksé visa in hand!

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