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How to save money in San Pedro de Atacama

In the midst of the demands of 4x4 tours, opt for the bike. It works at least for Moon Valley and Death Valley.

The message is clear. “If you come from the Salar de Uyuni, there is not much to see in San Pedro”, summarizes a Chilean guide. We will still find out. We are then offered the geysers, an outing to find ourselves at an altitude of 5,000m or even the thermal waters. But our attention stops on the valley of the moon.

10€ per day

Soon enough, it appears that the bike is a good option. For about 10 euros a day, we rent our mountain bike. A little hard to push on the 5 kilometers that separate us from the entrance to the valley of the moon. On site, you pay 2,000 pesos for entry (if this is your case, the price is cheaper for students). Then we get back on the bike.

Between autonomy and economy

To avoid heat stroke, plan the day. Because the slopes are sometimes rough. But the bike really allows you to be independent and therefore to organize your time between the different points of interest in the valley. Plus, it will save you a lot of money. We therefore took the pedaling option for the Valley of the Moon. And of course we recommend it!

Vallé de la lune
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