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Trek des Annapurna: is it better to sleep in Thorung Phediou at Thorung High Camp?

Before completing your Annapurna tour and crossing the Thorung La Pass, you will have to decide: spend your last night at Thorung Phedi or at Thorung High Camp. We give you a helping hand.

If you are well oxygenated: High camp (4,800m altitude)

For a few days already, you will be above 3,500m in altitude, ready to cross the Thorung La Pass after your acclimatization. The Thorung High Camp culminates at 4,800m above sea level. If you made a detour by Tilicho Lake during your hike, you will not be afraid and surely willing to sleep so high.


We opted for this option after spending the night at Churi Ledar (4,200m). Firstly because it felt good, secondly to cut the elevation in half between Ledar and the Pass (twice 600m instead of 300 and 900), and thirdly because it allows you to leave a little later on the last day. At this point in the hike, it is important to act according to your state of form. 


The last reason to sleep at the High camp is the panorama then offered to hikers. After reaching the camp, having had your fill of some dumplings and warmed up with a ginger-honey-lemon tea, climb to the adjacent summit. To make you a little acclimatization before the climb the next day. But above all to access a magnificent panorama of the Annapurnas. Enjoy it, you will say goodbye to this valley the next day.

To avoid MAM (acute mountain sickness), we advise you to talk a lot with your co-hikers. Do not hesitate, in case of fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, to warn your companions that you would like to slow down. It is necessary to watch out for the warning signs as much as possible in order not to suffer from MAM and to make the most of the hike.

Everyone reacts differently depending on the altitude and every hiker can suffer from MAM, even if it has never happened to them. We therefore advise you to stay hydrated, to avoid sweating, to avoid being out of breath (this means that you are managing your effort well) and, once again, not to hesitate to warn other people at the slightest doubt.


If you dread the MAM: Phedi (4,500m)

View from High Camp

Again, the decision to sleep at Phedi or High camp depends on your fitness level. If you're worried about sleeping less at high altitude or getting a few headaches, spend the night in Thorung Phedi. The camp has several rooms and, arriving early enough from Ledar, you will be sure to have a bed to spend the night.


In order to prepare for the next day's ascent to the Pass, you can take advantage of your afternoon to complete part of the climb to the High Camp. The next day, you'll have to climb more than if you left High Camp, but you'll be climbing in the dark so you won't see anything!

Sleep in Phedi and then in High Camp? Bad idea 

In our opinion, there is no point in cutting your effort in half and sleeping in both Phedi and High Camp. Firstly because, it must be admitted, we do not spend the best nights at altitude. Doing you a night at 4,500 then a night at 4,800 is therefore not the best idea. 

Then because you will be very close to the end of the hike and will want to finally cross this Thorung La Pass. Getting frustrated by spreading this effort out over two days can turn into a downturn in morale.


Finally, it is important to insist once more here, if you have such doubts about your ability to cross the Pass, it may be a sign that it is better to stop there. Without being alarmist, you must nevertheless listen to your body and, in case of doubt, do not hesitate to go down even if you do not cross the Pass. 

If you decide to sleep at Thorung High Camp, try to arrive as early as possible as places are limited. This will save you from having to sleep in the common rooms, as is also recommended forTilicho Lake.

Arrive at High Camp early to ensure a bed

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