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Pourquoi arriver tôt au Tilicho Base Camp_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_?

Since filming a movie scene like " Dirty Dancing " in the mountain, Tilicho Lake has become a popular destination for Nepalese tourists. Only one solution: it is therefore necessary to arrive early at the Base camp.

Before reaching Tilicho High Camp, most hikers start from Manang or Braka (link to our itinerary). Another alternative is to sleep one night in Yak Kharka, between Manang and Tilicho High Camp. This will allow you to get up there a little earlier.

For a few years and the shooting of a famous film sequence, many Nepalese tourists have been investing in the place, in addition to the already very many foreign tourists. Accommodation on site is not enough to house everyone. Result: some of the tourists have to sleep on the ground, on blankets, in the common rooms quickly transformed into dormitories after the meal. 


Has your guide booked?'s useless!

By arriving early in the morning, you can try to book a room with real beds. Just to have a good night's sleep before the ascent to the lake, at 5,000m. Some groups of tourists move forward serenely since their guide has guaranteed them a room. Unfortunately, the local law is: first come, first served. Reservations are irrelevant. So choose to arrive as soon as possible!

To avoid MAM (acute mountain sickness), we advise you to talk a lot with your co-hikers. Do not hesitate, in case of fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, to warn your companions that you would like to slow down. It is necessary to watch out for the warning signs as much as possible in order not to suffer from MAM and to make the most of the hike.

Everyone reacts differently depending on the altitude and every hiker can suffer from MAM, even if it has never happened to them. We therefore advise you to stay hydrated, to avoid sweating, to avoid being out of breath (this means that you are managing your effort well) and, once again, not to hesitate to warn other people at the slightest doubt.


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