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Atlas: 5-day hiking itinerary in Toubkal

The highest peak in Morocco, Mount Toubkal also offers superb hiking opportunities. Here is a small idea of a loop in 5-6 days with very varied landscapes, ascent included.

Day 3: Mouflons refuge-Lac d'Ifni(8.2kms, 500m of positive elevation, 1.4km of negative elevation)

Once recovered from your ascent, head for the other side and Lake Ifni. 500m of elevation gain await you over approximately 2.5kms. A gentle awakening. Take a break at the top. Before descending in a zigzag for 5.5 km towards Lake Ifni. The descent is a bit technical but the scenery below and the night in a tent by the lake will greatly comfort your traumatized knees.

Day 4: Lake Ifni-Tissaldai

Quiet day. Don't leave too late to enjoy it. On the program, walk by the lake, switch to the valley of Aït Igrane and climb to Tissaldaï. At first rocky, the landscape then gives way to superb villages on the mountainside to finally lead to the foot of Mount Tarhbaloute. Along the way, watch out for the sign indicating Tissaldaï, located a little after Tisgouane. Otherwise you will descend towards Amsouzerte.

Day 6: Sidi Chamarouch-Imlil(6kms, 650m of negative elevation)

The return will be quiet. From Sidi Chamarouch, the descent to Imlil can take between 2 and 3 hours. It is then possible to be in Marrakech from the same afternoon by taking public transport. Before a well-deserved rest.

This hike can be done in 5 days by combining days 1 and 2 or by combining days 2 and 3 (that's what we did). It is also possible to spend a week on this hike, for example spending a day at the edge of Lake Ifni. Or by adding a stage in the route of day 5, by making a detour via Tifni.


Day 1: Imlil-Refuge des Mouflons

(11kms, 1.5km of elevation gain)

From Imlil, the road to Toubkal goes through Sidi Chamarouch. The climb is very regular and allows you to manage your effort well. Don't leave too late because this portion is well exposed to the sun. In 3 to 5 hours, you can reach the Mouflons refuge or pitch your tent a little higher. Before the ascent the next day.

Day 2: Climbing Mount Toubkal(3.2kms, 1km of elevation gain, then reverse path)

The climb to Toubkal will test your legs and your breath. Very steep and regular, the ascent is nevertheless quite accessible. Provided you go at your own pace. If in doubt about the signage (it's simple, there isn't any), don't hesitate to call on a guide. Give yourself a chance to see the sunrise at the top by leaving around 4am! After enjoying the summit, it's time for the descent to the refuge. For a little afternoon rest.

Moreover, it is possible to head for Lake Ifni without going down to the Mouflons refuge. But with this option, you will obviously have to carry your big bags and your tent during the ascent of Toubkal. So we opted for a round trip.

Day 5: Tissaldai-Sidi Chamarouch

Last height gain. On the program for this day, the ascent to Mount Tarhbaloute (about 3,800m). With, like every day since the beginning of this hike, a new decor. It is also the day of vigilance. Already because it's windy up there but also because you have to carefully scrutinize the panels. First, the first indication about 45 minutes-1 hour after Tissaldaï. It indicates Toubkal to the left, Tarhbaloute to the right. Go right to gain height.


After about 2 hours, you will see the Toubkal in the distance and dominate the surroundings. Do not continue your road straight, unless you want to go down to Tifni. Instead, watch for the arrows painted on the heights on your left. Monte Tarhbaloute is located at the end of these arrows. If the entrance to this path is rather poorly indicated, the stones are subsequently well marked to facilitate the ascent.


At the top, take a well-deserved lunch break. Because the day is not over. Once well recovered from this long climb, begin the descent to Sidi Chamarouch. Very technical, it requires a lot of attention. Especially after the efforts of the morning. Take your time. At the end of this long and beautiful descent, you can refuel. And spend one last night in a tent before returning.

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