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Atlas: which route for the ascent of Mount M'Goun?

From Aït Bouguemez, the ascent of Mount M'Goun (4,071m) can be done in 3 or 4 days. The course that we propose to you is a round trip.

Day 1: Aït Bouguemez to Ikiss(9kms, 500m of elevation gain)

From the small village of Aït Bouguemez, the trail to the Tarkeddit refuge begins with a small portion of flat. Before climbing gently towards the village of Ikiss. On the program, 9kms of progressive stroll in the middle of the green valley. A little after Ikiss, you can quietly pitch your tent for the night. 

If you left early enough, you can combine this day with Day 2.

Day 2: Ikiss to Tarkeddit(9kms, 1.1km of positive elevation and 450m of negative elevation)

After a first day of warming up, the mountain awaits you. On the program, a good little drop of more than 1,000m during a steep but gradual climb. After 6kms of intense climbing, the descent to Tarkeddit will almost serve as a moment of relaxation when you discover the next day's program in the distance. Once at the refuge, you can pitch your tent wherever you want around.

If you are in good shape and leave early on Day 1, you can combine Days 1 and 2.

Day 4: return to Tabant(18kms, 450m of positive elevation, 1.6km of negative elevation)

For this last day of hiking, it is a question of doing the opposite route of Days 1 and 2. Starting early, it is possible to reach Aït Bouguemez quite early and then reach Marrakech by transport at the end of the day.

Day 3: from Tarkeddit to M'Goun then return to the refuge(22kms, 1.1km of positive elevation and 1.1km of negative elevation)

Alarm clock set to 4:30. To attend the sublime sunrise (which is better than in Toubkal ARTICLE M'GOUN VS TOUBKAL) on M'Goun, start the ascent around this time. The goal is to cover the first 7 kilometers (1,000m of elevation gain) to reach the summit in time. Follow the route on Once this first part - the hardest - is done, a magnificent walk awaits you. 4 kilometers on a ridge revealing magnificent scenery on all sides. Up to the 4,071m of Mount M'Goun. With the gleams of the rising sun, the spectacle is grandiose.

After enjoying this incredible setting for a long time, turn around for an afternoon of rest around the refuge. Or, for the most motivated, to begin the return to Aït Bougueme

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