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New Zealand: where to camp with Wicked Van on the North Island?

For ten days traveling the roads of the North Island of New Zealand, it was not always easy to find a spot to camp without attracting the rangers. Luckily, we found CamperMate.

The first night quickly fell. Excited to wander around the Coromandel Peninsula with our Wicked van, we then had to find a place to camp. After a few failed attempts in areas reserved for “self-contained”, we ended up stalling on a construction site. From 6 am the next day we spun before having to cross a possible ranger.

Serene campsite in the North Island

To avoid the same hassle every day, we found the CamperMate app. Throughout our journey in the North Island, we therefore easily found a place to sleep every night. With sometimes magnificent camping spots.

Need 3G

Only downside, the app of course works with 3G so, if you don't have constant access to it, try to locate your spots a little in advance!

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