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How long to spend on horseback?

Leaving for a 15-day tour in Mongolia, towards the west of the country then in the Gobi desert, we spent a few days on horseback. For novices, this should suffice.

There are many formulas. Four days in the Orkhon valley, ten days in eastern Mongolia or even three weeks traveling the steppes. All of this, of course, on horseback. Everyone will have their own idea. But, for beginners, the first option seems the most balanced.

Discovery of new muscles

In the middle of an organized two-week tour, we rode on horseback for four days. The ride through the Orkhon Valley was well paced and challenged some previously unknown muscles. This short passage on horseback was finally the perfect timing. Because beautiful but a bit physical. In our group of seven, some have skipped half a day.

tour cheval mongolie

4 days to start and then...

If four days are not enough, it is always possible to add another horseback excursion to the rest of your trip. For us, four days are in any case a good initiation to discover superb landscapes without suffering too much. Before, why not, prolong the pleasure.

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