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How and where to cross the border South Africa - Lesotho

To cross the border between South Africa and Lesotho, multiple options are available to you. On our side, we opted for an entry via Caledonspoort and an exit at Sephapos Gate.

Entry will depend on your journey through South Africa and Lesotho. In our case, the plan was clear : leave Kruger Park to reach Semonkong, passing byGolden Gate National Park.  The border crossing therefore had to be done at Caledonspoort. 


Arriving from Fouriesburg, park the car in front of the border post on the South African side. The passport is given, the stamp delivered, a simple formality. We then take the car for a few hundred meters, then the same procedure on the basotho side. On the way, we pay 10 rand (or loti, it's equivalent) per person at the border on the Lesotho side.

If you can avoid leaving Lesotho through Sephapos Gate, do not hesitate ! Otherwise, you will then have dozens and dozens of kilometers of no man's land leading you to… not much.

A little advice...

Une maison basotho croisée sur la route du Katse Dam

A Basotho house crossed on the road to Katse Dam

Don't forget the car rental papers !

After five wonderful days spent between the region of Leribe and Semonkong, we set off again for South Africa and the (anonymous) town of Cradock. So we head towards the border at Sephapos Gate.


The exit of Lesotho is done without problem. On our return to South Africa, a slightly zealous agent carefully checks our papers… and especially the authorization to leave the territory issued by the rental agency for our vehicle. Everything is in order,towards the Garden Route!

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